Good for Nothing. Poetry chapbook. Anstruther Press, 2017. (order here)

Little Wild. Book-length collection. Nightwood Editions, forthcoming Spring 2018.


“2 Poems.” Forthcoming in The Rusty Toque. 2017.

“Blood In a Place I Could Not yet Understand.” Contemporary Verse 2, Fall 2017.

“2 Poems.” Sustenance Anthology, Anvil Press, September 2017.

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“A Letter From Scandinavia.”, August 2016. (link)

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“2 Poems.” The City Series: Edmonton, Frog Hollow Press, 2016.

“The Best Way to Kill a Fish So Small.” Sport Literate 10:1, 2016.

“In Recognition of a Quarter Century of Contribution to UMA.” Arc Poetry 80, Spring 2016.

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“Lightning Goes to Touch the Ground.” The Squawk Back 54, 2012

“I Hope You Had a Good Ride Over.” Fugue, 2012.

Awards & Recognitions

“Oldman River Dam.” Shortlisted for CV2’s Young Buck Poetry Prize2016.

“On Being Threatened Over Red Willow Park.” Shortlisted for The Walrus Poetry Prize, 2016.

“In Recognition of a Quarter Century of Contribution to UMA.” Winner, Readers’ Choice Award, Arc Poem of the Year Contest, 2016.

“Ordinary.” Second place in the Writers’ Guild of Alberta/Glass Buffalo Poetry Contest, 2015.

“Water Break.” Runner-up in Broken Pencil‘s Unearth Your Underworld Fiction Contest, 2014.

“2:31.” Winner of the St. Albert Arts Festival Poetry Contest in the 18+ category, 2013.


“Dig Crew.” Dorothy Somerset Studios. Brave New Play Rites Festival, 2013.

Interviews & Essays

“The Language of Games: Rose Morris in Conversation with Curtis LeBlanc.” The Malahat Review, 2017. (link)

“An Interview with Jacob Zilber Prize Judge Jess Taylor.” PRISM international, 2016. (link)

“A Win, a Shot in the Arm: Curtis LeBlanc in Conversation with Patricia Young.” The Malahat Review, 2016. (link)

“An Interview with Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize Judge George Elliott Clarke.” PRISM international, 2016. (link)

“An Interview with 2016 Non-Fiction Contest Judge Rachel Rose.” PRISM international, 2016. (link)

“My Mental Health in Three Parts.” Refreshed, 2016. (link)

“Interview: Curtis LeBlanc and Kate Fry of New Shoots.” SAD Mag, 2016. (link)

“How a Poem Works: Karen Solie’s ‘Beauty and Reality are the Same.'” Celebration of Canadian Poetry, Brick Books Website, 2016. (link)

“Interview with Richard Van Camp.” Nineteen Questions, 2013. (link)


“2:31” (poem). St. Albert Transit Poetry Installation, 2010.

“You Wear Sandals in the Winter” (flash fiction). Alexander Rutherford Library Fiction Installation, 2010.