Little Wild. Book-length collection. Nightwood Editions, April 2018.

“In a literary world saturated with irony and irreverence, Curtis LeBlanc dares to be earnest and openhearted with his reader. His voice balances youthful energy with whiskey-eyed wisdom—delivering a refreshing wonder deepened by perceptive frankness. Set in the oil, hockey and the gothic farm-world of northern Alberta, this book investigates its citizens—their jobs and relationships—and its relentless landscape. These poems drill deep, and firmly plant LeBlanc among other tender masters of the everyday, like Philip Levine, Jack Gilbert and Matthew Dickman.”
—Kayla Czaga, author of For Your Safety Please Hold On
“The poems in Little Wild—unflinching, beautifully built—investigate the myths of masculinity, which instruct men to ‘forget each other and be alone.’ The poems follow the author from the kettle lakes of his childhood to the Pacific bordering his adulthood, as he engages with family and friends struggling with isolation and addiction. Curtis LeBlanc transforms memory into music, music into language that testifies. Little Wild is a timely and striking debut.” 
—Eduardo C. Corral, author of Slow Lightning
“What makes these poems lift above the ordinary are the masterfully rendered details that reveal deeper complexities: moral, emotional, and human. The poems do more than recollect—they reckon with what’s at stake in even the most fleeting moments of a young man’s life.” 
—Raoul Fernandes, author of Transmitter and Receiver


Good for Nothing. Poetry chapbook. Anstruther Press, 2017. (order here)


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Awards & Recognitions

“Sonnet for the Driveways of Our Childish Years.” Honourable Mention, Margaret Reid Poetry Contest,, 2018.

“A Restaurant in California.” Shortlisted for CV2’s Young Buck Poetry Prize2017.

“Oldman River Dam.” Shortlisted for CV2’s Young Buck Poetry Prize2016.

“On Being Threatened Over Red Willow Park.” Shortlisted for The Walrus Poetry Prize, 2016.

“In Recognition of a Quarter Century of Contribution to UMA.” Winner, Readers’ Choice Award, Arc Poem of the Year Contest, 2016.

“Ordinary.” Second place in the Writers’ Guild of Alberta/Glass Buffalo Poetry Contest, 2015.

“Water Break.” Runner-up in Broken Pencil‘s Unearth Your Underworld Fiction Contest, 2014.

Interviews & Essays

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